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Shannon Nakaya

Origami Artist

The Artist and Her Muse

Shannon Nakaya

Artist and Veterinarian (and writer), Shannon Nakaya applies her understanding of anatomical structure and function when designing and folding complex origami creations. She finds both medicine and origami to be challenging and fulfilling blends of science and art, precision and creativity, right brain and left brain

“If I don't let my left brain and my right brain exercise equally, they fight with each other and make me crazy."

Shannon's origami designs goals are (1) enough texture and detail to impress, and (2) enough character and personality, largely through body language, to inspire a story and engage an audience. She thrives on pushing the limit... BIGGER, GRANDER, MORE...and challenging people to see origami as a medium for fine art.

"Is everyone familiar with musician Jake Shimabukuro? If not, look him up. I want to be to origami what Jake is to ukulele. Is there such a thing as a virtuoso origamian?"

A Little Background from Shannon About Her Origami Creations:

These origami are folded from an archival grade polyethylene which means that, while it looks like paper, it's actually a synthetic material that is tear resistant, water resistant, and made to last for a long time.

I use color fast dyes which means that you may dust it off with a damp cloth. You could even put it in the shower occasionally and it will be fine. I have pieces outside and rain is not a problem.

Most pieces have hidden wires and glue to add structural support and to allow for more detailed sculpting. I can repair just about anything but best not to sit on it.

My materials have a melting temperature around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so please avoid close contact with lighted candles or fire. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause materials to break down at an accelerated rate. You'll still get some years out of it, but not decades. Use no oils or solvents on these creations.

I take pride in my work and want highly satisfied patrons and five-star ratings. I expect that, with proper care, these pieces will hold their color and shape for decades. If you experience any unexpected breakdown, please let me know.

Shannon Nakaya
Email: shannon@origamidoghawaii.com
(808) 896-1543
Artist's web site: www.origamidoghawaii.com
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