Kailua Village Artists


Pat Hedden

Impressionist Painter - Oils

Artist's Biography

Pat Hedden is a contemporary impressionist, using only palette knives in the creation of her oil paintings. Her knife work gives a textured, expressive feel to each piece, drawing the viewer in to take a closer look.

Pat's origins in art can be traced back to Ohio, where she favored using watercolor and pen & ink to capture detailed scenes. Her artistic endeavors were placed on hold upon becoming a single parent, but her creative talents would not be denied. In 2011, with her children grown, she returned to painting, discovering a new enthusiasm for impressionistic techniques. Determined to continue in this pursuit, she jumped in and learned the basics of oil painting and plein air (outdoor) painting.

In May 2017, when the opportunity arose, Pat moved to Hawaii. The Big Island, with its challenging views and seascapes, has been the perfect venue for her to further her craft.

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