Kailua Village Artists


Pamela Colton Thomas

Watercolors, Inks, Acrylics and Pastels

Artist's Biography

Pamela Colton Thomas has been a resident on the Big Island over thirty years.  Tutored by her father, an accomplished artist, she has been painting since her early childhood.  In the late 70's she studied at Academy of Art in San Francisco.  She really found her stride when she came to Hawaii in the early 80's.  She reflects “The natural world has been my greatest teacher and inspiration.”  She began her search for a medium that would best represent the colors she saw around her, searching for the right colors to express the beautiful blues of the evening sky when the stars first appeared, the greens depicting foliage bursting with life, the fluid color of the sparkling sea, the radiance of the island’s flowers, the glow of hot lava, and the soft pink and gold of the magnificent sunsets on Hawaii.

Pamela’s art has been influenced by the rich color palette of paintings on silk, and the vivid colors of stained glass.  She strives to recreate this effect with line work between the different colors of the painting.  She does this by painting lines of a substance that acts as a resist on the paper, thus containing the vibrant water based colors with which she paints.  Her paintings go through several stages, creating the complicated line work first and then adding color.

Pamela spent many years experimenting with the line work in silver, gold and black.  She continues “I try to define visually the beauty of the natural world as it reflects the relationship between matter and spirit.  Light is the bridge where matter and spirit meet and color is the common language they speak upon their embrace.”

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