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KVA Member Artists

Kathleen Carr
Stefanie Culbertson
Betty Gerstner
Watercolor, Hand
Painted Porcelain & Colored Pencil. Specializing in Pet Portraits
Gigi Goochey
Bill Jaeger
Stained Glass
Kathleen Jaeger
Mosaics, Acrylics & Mixed Media
Marilyn Koschella
Oil & Watercolor
Leslie Munger
Chain Maille Jewelry
Christal Nylan
Linda Savell
Pamela Colton Thomas
Watercolor, Inks, Acrylics & Pastels


KVA Guest Artists

Frank Andrews
Welded Copper
Rachel Baker
Fused Glass
Hugh Jenkins & Stephanie Ross
Glass Blowers
Brad Lewis
Parker and Debbie Nicholson
Wood Turners
Whitney Steele
Bill Twibell
Located on the Big Island, Hawaii

Original Artworks by Big Island Artists

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