Kailua Village Artists


Linda Savell


Artist's Biography

Linda Savell has been creating pottery for more than half a century and although her favorite technique is throwing on the potter’s wheel, the ceramic tropical fish are immediately recognized as a bit of Hawaii.  They inspire both local residents and visitors from around the world to include one to an entire school in their collections.

Linda's series of ceramic tropical fish are each handcrafted and unique.  The Hawaii State Fish the Humuhumunukunukuapua`a, is but one of the Trigger fish that are found in tropical salt water coasts worldwide.  Some of the other Trigger fish created by Linda are the Lagoon Humu and Clown Humu.  Trigger fish are shaped like a wedge and have a snout like a pig.  When in danger they also grunt like a pig and have the remarkable ability to dull down their color.

Also on display in the gallery are several brightly colored Clown Humus.  They are available in Raku, an ancient Japanese firing process creating dramatic metallic sheens, as well as in colorful glazed finishes on high-fired stoneware.   The bronze urn displayed on one of Linda's pages was inspired by Linda’s trip to Iceland.

These and several other of Linda’s fish are made of stoneware clay, like everyday dishes, and can be displayed inside or, in areas that don’t freeze, they may also be displayed outside.  Otherwise they need to be brought inside for the winter.  The glazed finishes are perfect for use outdoors in Hawaii as well as indoors in high humidity areas usually unsuitable for fine artwork.

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