Mosaics, Acrylics & Mixed Media
About the Artist

"The Blue Bottle" - Glass on glass stained glass mosaic. 9 inches Tall

"Torch Ginger " - Stained Glass Mosaic, framed, 18 x 30 inches

"SPF 45 Day" - Acrylic original on Gallerywrap Canvas, 10x20

"Cheerful Duo" - Acrylic Original on Gallerywrap Canvas, 9x12

"Three per Table" - Acrylic original on Gallerywrap Canvas, 12x30

Emerald Butterfly
"Emerald Butterfly" - Stained Glass Mosaic Shoe

Sunrise Table
"Sunrise" - Stained Glass Mosaic Table

Eternal Sun Mirror
"Eternal Sun" - Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror

Lady Hibiscus - Mask
"Lady Hibiscus " - Stained Glass Mosaic with feathers & sand

Spectrum - Plate
"Spectrum" - Stained Glass on Glass Mosaic

Two Cute Little Bottles
"Two Cute Little Bottles" - Stained Glass on Glass with Beaded Flowers

Amethyst Wave
"Amethyst Wave" - Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror
I'm on Vacation
"I'm on Vacation " - Acrylic Original
Three Sisters
"Three Sisters" - Acrylic on Canvas - Gallerywrap