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Kathleen Jaeger

Mosaics, Acrylics and Mixed Media

Kathleen Jaeger – Artist Statement, March 2021

Multi-media artist Kathleen Jaeger is the featured artist at the Kailua Village Artists Gallery throughout the month of March, 2021. Working primarily in mosaic and acrylic painting, her style is largely creative, playful, and imaginative. However, she may also be seen, pen in hand, creating quite detailed drawings. The choice of media is often dictated by the image in her head, whether it begs for a more structured or spontaneous approach.

“My experience in creating art,” Kathleen states, “is closely tied to the right to the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and how that impacts the way I live my life. It begins when I make a commitment to live in ways that will give both myself and others ‘happiness’ now; and create memories for the future.” Overheard at a recent show, upon viewing her art, a gentleman remarked to his wife, “…it is both whimsical and elegant at the same time.” Others have said “They make me happy.” While working in mosaic, Kathleen uses primarily stained glass as her tesserae as she creates both wall pieces and three-dimensional work. Painting with acrylic gives her the opportunity to work in a more spontaneous way, using vibrant colors and playful images, than is possible with her other mediums.
“Since it is in the creative process itself that gives me joy, I decided early in my career to not have reproductions made of my completed work. Each piece of art I offer to my customers is an original, unique piece with its own personality. I am always delighted when something that gave me such joy as it was being created, moves on to give joy to others.”

Kathleen holds a BFA from Phillips University and a MsEd in Special Education for Emotionally Disturbed Children and Youth from the University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!). Additional post-graduate coursework, through the University of Missouri, Kansas City, enabled her to become a registered Art Therapist with the American Art Therapy Association. With this foundation, she spent her mainland career working within the public schools teaching art and as art therapist in alternative settings for special needs students, specifically behaviorally disordered/emotionally disturbed populations.

Upon her retirement, Kathleen and her husband, Bill, moved to the Big Island.

Kathleen Jaeger
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
(808) 325-1639

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