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Kathleen Jaeger

Mosaics, Acrylics and Mixed Media

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Kathleen Jaeger views creation as a process that is in constant flux, constant change.  She often incorporates impressions of the changes experienced in the course of her life as well as images from her faith.  Her choice of media is usually acrylic paint or mosaic, although other media may appear now and then, as needed.  The selection is mostly determined by the image itself and if it calls for the use of a spontaneous, or of a more structured approach to obtain the results she envisions.

Kathleen holds a BFA from Phillips University, MsEd in Special Education for Emotionally Disturbed Children and Youth from the University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!).  Additional coursework through the University of Missouri, Kansas City, qualified her to become an Art Therapist, registered with the American Art Therapy Association.  With this foundation she spent her mainland career working within the public schools teaching art and primarily as art therapist in alternative settings for special needs students, most specifically behaviorally disordered/emotionally disturbed populations.  Upon her retirement she and her husband, Bill moved to the Big Island.

Kathleen Jaeger
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
(808) 325-1639

Web Site: www.TheCuriousGecko.com

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