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Kathleen Jaeger

Mosaics, Acrylics and Mixed Media

Kathleen Jaeger – artist statement, 2018

I recently found myself thinking of our right to the “pursuit of happiness” and what that may mean.  How does that impact the way I live my life?  No, I do not think it is something that can be given to me by any outside entity.  I believe it starts with me making a commitment to myself to live the life that will that give me “happiness” now and create memories for my future.

That thread of thinking leads me frequently to my art studio.  Walking down the spiral staircase, across the lanai, and opening the door I find myself greeted with an array of color, materials, books, papers, and even the customary chaos and mess somehow sets “right” what may be “wrong” in my current circumstances.  Perhaps it is the wealth of opportunity so evident in every corner of that room that draws me in.  I sometimes just sit for a while, looking around, touching things, my mind settling on specifics or vagaries, on thoughts deep or shallow.  Or, other times I am immediately drawn to action and just get started.

I work largely with acrylic paint, stained glass mosaic, pen and ink, and beyond; the medium to choose being dependent on the image that is in my mind, or what will best serve my “pursuit of happiness” and will “feed my soul” that day.  Finding it is the creative process that I seek, I choose to avoid making reproductions of my completed work.  Aside from a few notecards, each piece of art I offer to my clients is an original, unique piece with its own personality.  I am always delighted when something that gave me such joy as it was created, moves on to give joy to others.

My early education was centered in the church and has been a strong force throughout my life.  My art education at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma further opened to me the world of creative thought and action as I completed a BFA in Education.  This focus continued at the University of Kansas as I studied for a career in Education with special needs populations, specifically behavior disordered/emotionally disturbed individuals, K-12.  Further work toward attaining certification as an Art Therapist merged these two specialties, and it is there I devoted most of my teaching career in alternative settings within the public schools.

Retirement in 2004 and moving to the Big Island provided the opportunity to devote my time to my faith, my art, and this “pursuit of happiness.”

Kathleen Jaeger
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
(808) 325-1639

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