Kailua Village Artists


Christal Nylin


Artist's Biography

The Big Island is abundant with beautiful sites to paint.  Christal Nylin prefers to go on location to create.

Christal reflects, “Painting on site is as much a process as the painting itself.  When I go to a location, I’ll spend a good amount of time looking for that ‘sweet spot’, and zoning in on that point of interest takes a lot of observing.  There is usually so much to take in.  Finding it is an ‘Aha’ moment, then setting up in that spot can be a task in itself!  The terrain and finding shade (if you haven’t packed an umbrella,) can be a challenge.  Nylin adds, “Once I find the spot, I look for a combination of elements: a good composition, lighting and shadows.  Perhaps there is a moment or a story to capture, and usually a path to invite the eye into the seen.”  Then the sketch begins, hours later; hopefully she has something that captured that day. 

Christal often paints with the West Hawaii Plain air painters and in her home studio.

Christal is known in Kona for her paintings of Coffee images and Kona sites.  She has been a resident in Kona since 1978 and over the last few decades her creative and entrepreneurial nature merged with Island life.  Last year she spent a summer in Paris where her coffee art was exhibited, and she painted in the footsteps of her favorite impressionists.

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