Watercolor, Porcelain, Silk Painting and Colored Pencil
Specializing in Pet Portraits
About the Artist

Reef Sculpture

Round Plumeria Vase

Tiger Motif Vase

Lehua and Lei Pillow Vase

Peony Vase

Celebration Vase

Manta Ray
Pineapple Ornament
Pineapple Ornament

Banana Blossom

Pueo in Knothole

Blue and Gold Macaw

Red and White Anthuriums
Prints Only

Honu I (prints only)

Honu II (prints only)

Honu III (prints only)

Hawaii Fish I - Moorish Idol with Yellow Tang (prints only)

Hawaii Fish II - Humu with Threadfin Butterfly Fish (prints only)

Hawaii Fish III - BiColor Parrotfish with Achilles Tang (prints only)
Koi Watercolor Painting
Koi (prints only)
Pet Portraits